Calling all Super Heroes!

We need you! Comicbooks For Kids is a special organization. It is aplace where you can help children with your donations. And if you are a medical facility, you can register to participate in our program.

Comicbooks for kids was founded by Mark Weiss.  Mark has been in the business world for over 30 years, has been collecting comics for even longer and is personally involved in the day to day operation of this organization. Have a question, please click on the contact tab and send a note. All inquiries will be responded to on the same day.

How can you help? That is easy. Have gently used comics that you do not know what to do with? Consider donating them to Comics For Kids! Or, if you would prefer to make a cash contribution, it is gladly accepted! Please click on the donate link for more information.

Last, if you would like to “Adopt a Facility”, please contact us and we will work with you to help provide them with their requirements.

Our current items going to hospitals around the country! 
(Currently North America only)

Want a box? Contact us here!

Now shipping

ComicBooks For Kids! is thrilled to offer the widest selection of fun pop culture items for your kiddos and teens!  Each hospital will receive a box with everything shown below in the pictures! We made it easy! We do ask that with personnel shifting and intra hospital moves that you PLEASE confirm all contact information for your hospital and the correct mailing address. Just our way of making sure your box gets to where you want it to go!!



Each hospital will receive:

* 8 Discovery Animal Planet Books (Sharks and Dinosaurs are shown here)

* Three Disney Trade Paperback Volumes  

* 1 Bad Machinery Volume

* 1 Kevin Eastman UnderWhere book or Goliath book

* 1 Disney Manga book, Nemo

* Four hardback kids books, Little Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake, Frankie and the Creepie Cute Critters and the always popular Boogar Beard(and yes, for those of you who do not know-it is cute and fine for kids and pre teens)


Each hospital will receive

* 10 coloring books

* 10 Play paks(includes crayons, stickers      and pages to color)

* 1 Card game called Yetisburg for all ages(while quantities last) 

Each hospital will receive:


* 2 Funko Pops (various)

* 2 Disney T-Shirts

Each hospital will receive:

* A set of 4 Little books with the titles as shown above. 

option 3.jpg

Each hospital will receive:


*  25 comic books sealed in a bag for all ages

*  25 comic books sealed in a bag for teens

   All bags are labeled

NOTE: ALL comic books are direct from the publisher and are brand new (NOTE: All comic books are age approp.)

shipping 2.jpg
shipping 3.jpg
shipping 1.jpg

Each hosptital will receive:


*  1 random plush toy in a bag

  (Please let us know if you cannot accept plush)