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Calling all Super Heroes!

We need you! Comicbooks For Kids is a special organization. It is aplace where you can help children with your donations. And if you are a medical facility, you can register to participate in our program.

Comicbooks for kids was founded by Mark Weiss.  Mark has been in the business world for over 30 years, has been collecting comics for even longer and is personally involved in the day to day operation of this organization. Have a question, please click on the contact tab and send a note. All inquiries will be responded to on the same day.

How can you help? That is easy. Have gently used comics that you do not know what to do with? Consider donating them to Comics For Kids! Or, if you would prefer to make a cash contribution, it is gladly accepted! Please click on the donate link for more information.

Last, if you would like to “Adopt a Facility”, please contact us and we will work with you to help provide them with their requirements.

   (Currently North America only)

      Want a box? Contact us here!

Now shipping

ComicBooks For Kids! is thrilled to offer the widest selection of fun pop culture items for your kiddos and teens!  Each hospital will receive a box with everything shown below in the pictures! We made it easy! We do ask that with personnel shifting and intra hospital moves that you PLEASE confirm all contact information for your hospital and the correct mailing address. Just our way of making sure your box gets to where you want it to go!!



The box starts out with 2 GIANT Spider-Man activity books !

Then we add 10 more regular coloring books on top for a total of a dozen coloring books in every box!

Next are brand new comic books! Our all ages comic books are brand new right from our supporting publishers! The Teen comics are specially printed for all of you with a very special Superman story where he visits the Metropolitan Cancer ward and takes the children on a field trip to the moon. We do ask that you preview this first as it does deal with a visit to a cancer ward.

Nurse Florence is a children's book series that presents medical terminology at a level that children can understand. With 45+ books in the series, we are thrilled to partner with Dow Creative Enterprises with each box including one book in the series. Next comes the toys with each hospital receiving Funko Pops and other items. 


             SMILES AHEAD!


We still have some Disney backpacks and purses! Each box will receive a few items including a back pack, purse or some Disney wallets!

spidey col1.jpg
spidey col2.jpg
col books 3.jpg
ship books.jpg

Here come the books! We start with Tuki, a lavishly drawn book by the award winning artist of Bone, Jeff Smith! Then we add a few more books that kids of all ages will enjoy!


Finally we finish off the box with a dozen play packs, small activity coloring pages WITH crayons!

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