Conduct multiple events that raise both

awareness and $1,000.00 of donations for the kids and become a CB4K Champion. You will receive all the benefits of the $250.00 category plus multiple CB4K variants and our exclusive collectors variant coloring books. You will also receive the trophy designating you a CB4K Champion next to your name below!


Corporations can become Silver sponsors for $2,000 or Platinum sponsors for $5,000 contributed annually.  For more information contact us here or on our Facebook Page.



ComicBooks for Kids! is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C) 3 organization!  What that means is contributions made to ComicBooks for Kids! are considered tax deductible.

Here is how you can help:

If you would like to make a donation of comic books, please read our FAQ on the right and we can help with that! 

A donation of $25.00 allows us to ship books to 1-2 Hospitals

A donation of $50.00 allows us to ship books to 2-3 hospitals and purchase shipping supplies for the comics including the bags that hold them and the boxes we safely ship them in.

A donation of $150.00 or more puts your name and a character image of your choice  below on our Wall of Heroes for one full year!

A donation of $250.00 or more puts your name and a character image of your choice below on our Wall of Heroes! You will also receive the medallion and the designation of Super Hero next to your name. You will also receive one of our exclusive variant comics and our CB4K coloring book created by artists within the industry!

ComicBooks For Kids! would like to thank the following  sponsors and individuals for
their contributions! The real heroes are all of you who are helping the "kids" every day! 

Lone Star Comics       

   2020 Platinum Sponsors

ComicBooks For Kids! would like to thank the following  individuals and organizations for their contribution and support!

Plant Girl and the Amazing Bug                      Burg

                Michael B                                      Spa-fon                                     

Cool comics in my collection

     Adam Anderson                                     Team DK                                                                 

              Ed Williams                                  Chris Mason                               (instagram link)             

  Nate Birkholz 

                N  &  G                                           The Klems                                  

Wall of Heroes And CB4K               Champions

CB4K Champion
CB4K Champion

            Andrew Heilig

CB4K Champion

Damian Starr

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   Remembered Heroes

         The Best of Us

              In memory of

        Makalya Marie Marsh

    In memory of

      Tom Stiso


Super Hero

              In memory of

          Ayden Wayne Brooks     



             Clayton For Preston

       Stacy DePauw


2020   Silver Sponsors

   as created by Justin Ashbrook

   and Emma Hindall

 Rev Marc Stutzel

        In memory of 

Michael J. Niemann, III 

        In memory of mom   

   for inspiration and support 

             Parker Luckenbach