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Ever wonder how we put together comic

packages for the hospitals or what they

look like? The Watcher knows but we

thought we would show you too!

The very first thing we do is determine what it is we are shipping. No two hospital shipments are alike because the demographics of each hospitals' patients are different.  Also storage is a consideration. Some hospitals may want hundreds of comics, others less then 50. The example here is a hospital that asked for 40 comics, of which 10 would be for teens.


 After communicating with each hospital, we lay out the comics we are going to ship them.

Since we were providing Free Comic Book Day to the hospitals, the picture to the left showcases some of the comics that we were sending out.

Each hospital provides us with three pieces of information. The first thing they share with us are the number of comic books they want. The second items is how many of these comics are for Teens/Teens+ and how many comics are for pre-teens. Finally, they inform of the shipping address. 

Teen and Teen+ comic books are separated. These comics are then placed in a magazine bag stating they are for older readers.

Each hospital receives a customized cover letter sent to the child life team specifying what it is they are receiving. No two letters are alike. Note that we also spell out that Teen books are separated from the younger reader comic while also explaining how the bar code specifies the age group should the comics get separated.

Each cover letter is personally signed approving the comics that are to be sent.

Finally, the box is packed. Magazine bags are taped shut and the cover letter is included within the bag. The box is then filled with packing paper to keep the comics nice and snug.

The box is then shipped at the USPS and soon the kiddos will be getting some comic books! 

Now shipping
Now shipping
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